Established Thirty Three

Excuse our lapse

Whenever I use the word excuse as a verb I always think “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.”  Every. Single. Time.  Random, I know, just thought that glimpse into my oddities might make you smile.

Anyway, I know you’ve all been dying to hear how the big Thanksgiving event went (please read dripping sarcasm into previous comment).  Sorry we’ve had a lapse over the last week.  My Thanksgiving was wonderful.  The storms stopped Wednesday night and started up again Friday morning, so on Thursday afternoon we had a beautiful lunch on our new deck.  Three 8ft tables, 27 place settings, two turkeys and TONS of food.  Haven even took her afternoon nap throughout the dinner so I had a chance to eat.  I really couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Big thanks to all who helped; Chris, Andy, Sam, Sarah, Ward, Lynn, Tera, Susan and everyone who shared food!!

Unfortunately, some nasty illness hit Est33 and our babies through the holiday and after.  Mine had her first ear infection; scary temperatures and all.  Over on the west coast, Emily was sounding so gravely, I wasn’t sure if I was talking to her or her hubby.  (jk, mostly).

All to say, sorry we haven’t blogged in a week.

Next up; Baby girl’s first birthday party.  I don’t really feel like celebrating her first birthday.  I just can’t believe it’s here.  I just can’t believe she’s going to be 1.  I just can’t believe every day she’s more of a toddler and less of my baby.

Instead I’m going to refer to this whole thing as a celebration of her first year of life.  Now that’s something I can get behind.  It has been amazing.

A few highs all you mamas out there can reminisce with me,  all you future mamas can look forward to;

bed sharing.  cozy, sweet, still, infant

first smile at 2am

realizing you know the difference in the hungry/sleepy/angry cries

not bed sharing. sleeping through the night

starting to crawl

first tooth

first steps

first communication; pointing and signing

“Uh Ohhhh” “DaDa!” “Noooooo”

carrying things around like she’s a big kid

playing with a potty seat like it’s her personal lazyboy

bringing me trash. my little helper (not that it matters that she was the one making the trash)

That’s what she was doing last night.  Ripping up paper and grinning like an idiot as she brought it to me.  Anyone read my Runaway Train post?  That’s how I feel today.

Good news is that she’s getting over her ear infection.  She’s happy, growing, learning, thriving.  Every day is new and wonderful.  I will try not to get hung up on the monumental First Birthday.

Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the season.  Don’t forget to take time to be thankful and joyful for the reason.




I’m on my lunch break.

Just a minute ago I was royally messing up my computer.  I was trying to get a short cut from a folder to my desktop but it was trying to move the whole folder and I was like “Noooo!” so I tried to make it stop by clicking cancel repeatedly and then everything froze and the only thing I could see was my wallpaper.

Never a good sign.

Praise God for a those three little buttons which, upon pressing, you can restart your computation machine and begin again.  When I did so, my computer was back to normal and I didn’t have to explain to my boss why we were reinstalling everything on my fried motherboard.

Phew, disaster averted.  All thanks to you, Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Sometimes life throws us a mother(board)-frying experience.  Even in what seems like the most loving of homes, we have to deal with addictions, fighting, even infidelity.  What we wouldn’t do to be able to freeze and throw a

(Program Not Responding…)

Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and simply choose to Restore System to Last Backup.

We can’t.  We cannot restore to last backup.  Ever.  It’s life.  This life which is wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and breathtaking.  It’s also hurtful, scarring, and sinful.

Good with the bad.

The best way I can figure is to fix our eyes on someone who will never let us down.  Never hurt us.  Isaiah 43:2

It’s not exactly a system restore, but it as good as a reprogramming.

Keep smiling, we’re in this together


Running Late…

This morning I hit snooze, um, about 3 too many times.  It’s a ten minute snooze.  Whoops…

So, I had ones of those hopoutofbedhittheroad kind of mornings.  When I get to work, the most recent thing I can remember is what I was dreaming about when my alarm went off for the fourth time.

Then, I started thinking about how Thanksgiving is only one week away.  I can’t believe it!  My husband and I are hosting both sides of our family this year at our house.  I feel brave, intimidated, and super excited.  I have this list of things to do before the party.  It’s kinda long.

My biggest fear is that I’ll be sitting in my bed the evening after the party feeling like my day was such a busy blur that the most recent thing I can remember is what I was dreaming of before my alarm went off that morning.  It’s something I struggle with, which means probably everyone does; how to be a great host and actually enjoy yourself at a party?

For all you Thanksgiving Hosters out there, let’s do this together.

First: Don’t be scared to ask for help.  And by that I mean if your mom makes and amazing apple pie and squash casserole, well then it’s her job to bring those things to the dinner.  Make your Thanksgiving dinner into a potluck!  You will spend a lot less money, have a lot more time AND all your guests will feel like they contributed a small thing to help.

Second: Plan ahead!  I know this is coming kinda late, as we’re only one week away from T-Day.  But! You still have one whole weekend (less two hours watching the new HP movie).  Make as much stuff as possible before the big day.  Pumpkin bread will keep.  Casseroles will freeze and reheat beautifully.  Can you imagine that day?  You pull everything made out of the freezer, stick it into the oven (with your bird), dust your hands and sit with your family.  Also, start with a clean house.  It’s much easier to clean a house after dinner that was clean a few hours ago.

Third: Spend well.  If you can make something from scratch sometimes, you will save a lot of money.  In other cases, you’re really not saving that much; just buy the bagged premade salad, throw it into a bowl and go.  You spend maybe $2 more, but you have a lot more time to (see above) sit and talk with your fam.

Fourth:  Fill the landfills.  Okay, I know this is a horrible thing to say, but just for this day and for your sanity.  You know those aluminum pans in the grocery store?  Make your casseroles in those.  Toss them after.  (Or even better, recycle!!!) Have paper plates and cups and cutlery at the ready in the case you go through all your fine china.  You don’t want to be caught washing dishes so you can serve dessert.  Not. Worth. It.

So, that’s what I’ve come up with for now.  If you have any other ideas, please add.  I need all the help I can get.

One other thing, if you can get one person to be your teammate, it helps tremendously.  The one person who you can yell at and they won’t take it personally.  The one person who you can ask to do something and they say they’ve just done it.  For me, that’s my hubby.

It’s going to be a great Thanksgiving.  My daughter’s first.  The first hosted in our new home.  I plan to remember it.

Love you ladies!


Rainy Georgia

Yuck.  While I’m all for a warm summer rain where you can smell and feel the vapor as it hits the hot asphalt, the rain in my lovely state at the moment is just unpleasant.  I’m particularly annoyed because I also came down with a cold over the past few days.  Sunday I felt that tickle in my throat and I knew in the pit of my stomach that it wasn’t good.  So anyway, here I am, on my lunch break, at work, with a headache, reflecting on sick days.

Remember when we were kids and the best thing in the world was a sick day?  You could stay home, read books, sleep, watch TV, maybe even play some games, to your little heart’s content; all the time, Mom or Dad getting you Sprite, crackers, and soup?  Sigh.

I came to work today because A) I want to have enough paid time off to take the day my little girl turns 1 and spend it all with her, B) Even if I stayed home, she would be home with me and I wouldn’t be able to sleep more than she did and C) There’s laundry at home (shudder).

My brother had this facebook post the other day “if you could go anywhere this moment, where would it be?”  Hawaii, Disneyland, Europe… Today, I’d like to go back to being 9 years old please.  Curled up in my bed reading A Wrinkle in Time for the first time, with Sprite and a straw.

As long as I can come back tomorrow to my sweet husband and my sweet child.


So-far perfect

Let me start this by simply saying thank you to the veterans out there. Your sacrifice will never be repaid fully, but we are so grateful to you. Thank you.

Every year, my husband and I strive to get into the holiday season at just the right time – not too early or else we will be tired of it by Christmas, but not too late or we feel like we miss half of the season. This year, we started out well. I am feeling fully submerged in Thanksgiving thanksgivings, and I am eagerly anticipating Christmas. Here are some of the things that we have done that have contributed to this so-far perfect holiday season, without having to decorate the house yet:

~Family time, family time, family time. Really, isn’t the best part about holidays the time we get to spend celebrating with our family? We get to celebrate Jesus, each other, life, FOOD, giving…It is a joyful time. So this year, my husband and I have simply taken our son to the mall to walk around and look at the decorations. We treat ourselves to a pumpkin spice, or better yet – an eggnog, latte and get him a little hot chocolate. He is learning all kinds of words and likes seeing the “trees” and “stars.” We are in no rush, and we are not there to buy anything. (Both of those things are saved for Black Friday!) We walk, talk, and watch him charm people with his outgoing personality and his excitement of life.

~Activities early on. Too often, I wait until “closer to Christmas” to do any Christmas activities because I don’t want to do them too soon. And then, as Christmas draws near, I run out of time and never get around to any of them! So even though it is only November 11th, our family has already made gingerbread houses. We bought a kit for $10 at Target which included five little houses. Phil and I each got one, alone with our sweet “daughter” (a teenager who is living with us right now) and our exchange student. Our son was asleep when we did this, so his is waiting until tomorrow. I know I won’t keep those houses on our counter until Christmas, but that’s ok. It was fun, and a great way to kick start Christmas spirit.

~Eggnog. Need I say more? It’s out, I buy it. Oh, I guess I do need to say more – eggnog creamer.

~Dress for success feeling Christmasy. When running around, it is easy for me to jump in my warm car and then run into a warm store without a jacket or even a sweater sometimes. But I find if I take the extra five minutes in the morning to put on a beautiful jacket and a scarf, or a hat, I walk outside enjoying the weather instead of avoiding it.

~Daydream. I know, there is barely time to do laundry, let alone daydream. But I try to give myself five minutes to just sit and imagine Christmas morning. Imagine the cousins sitting around about to open their stockings. Imagine my son’s eyes pop out of his head when he rips open paper and sees brand new TRUCKS to play with, and books about trucks, and videos about trucks… Imagine having grandparents around that want to help feed your kids so you can actually eat breakfast. It will be a good morning.

I haven’t put in Christmas music yet or done any Christmas shopping, nor have I decorated my house. Those are all things that I wait until after Thanksgiving to do. But I love November, and I don’t want it to go to waste. And this season does bring me joy – I just have to know when to stop and see it (or build it, or drink it, or wear it, or dream it)

Happy Holidays, on November 11th.

I’ve got a perfect body

Not personally! }bleck{

It’s a line from Regina Spektor’s “Folding Chair” from her album Far.  The amazing thing about that line is actually what she says next.  It goes like this, “I’ve got a perfect body, but sometimes I forget.  I’ve got a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.  Yes they do.”

I love it.

It’s not about that part which hangs over those pants.  Or this part being too light, or that part being too dark.  When our bodies were designed, God gave us eyelashes that keep hot salty water from running directly into our eyes.  We have ears, that not only hear, but also serve as handy hair holders.  Think about it – don’t forget.  Full of wonder.  Psalm 139:14

You’ve got a perfect body.


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