Welcome to Established 33! We hope that you find a little inspiration and a lot of consolation here. We, Emily and Jennie, are sisters who also happen to be wives and mothers and followers of Jesus. We wanted to be able to connect with each other and share our lives, and thought that maybe some other wives and mothers and followers of Jesus would like to share it with us too!

Emily lives in Seattle, WA and is the mother of an 18 month old boy named Jacob. Her husband, Phil, is a youth pastor and she nannies for three amazing little children.

Jennie lives in Atlanta, GA and is the mother of a 9 month old girl named Haven.  Her husband, Chris, is a children’s music director and she is a manager at an internet company.

Why “Established 33?” We named this blog Established 33 because we don’t want it to be about us. The greatest thing that we live for is to see the Kingdom of God come and bless people, heal people, change people. It’s about the Kingdom (est. 33, give or take for you Bible scholars and history buffs).

Why burlap? We love the idea of taking something simple, sturdy, and inexpensive, and making it a piece of art.  After all, that is much like a woman of God, isn’t it?  We are sturdy, hardworking, and usually don’t have a lot of extra cash.  Yet, we are God’s sweet creations.  (Ok, so we’re anything but simple, but oh well!)