New Dishes!

by est33

My husband and I registered for Pier 1 “Red” dishes when we got married 8 years ago. We met in Thailand and have a heart for southeast Asia. So we were definitely into the asian decorating craze. I love our red plates; I love how they pop against our black table, and I just really like red in general. All of our colors on the wall are warm beiges, with red and teal accents.

Our old kitchen theme

However, about two years ago, I got really into gray. I painted my son’s room a gray that reminded me of a vintage locker room and decorated it with brown and slate blue. We are trying to sell our house, so I didn’t want to spend any more time or money changing the walls in this house. But I have been dreaming very much of how I will incorporate gray into whatever new home awaits us. I think the golden hues are going to be a thing of the past in my home (for awhile, you never know how your tastes will change!)

One place that I would LOVE to paint gray is my kitchen. I know they are supposed to be bright, but I think with the right color gray, a bunch of bright accents would be so classic. Specifically, off-white or white accents. This includes dishes, bowls, tile backsplash…Here are some kitchens I love that give this feel.

Wallpaper Kitchen

This bright kitchen has so many little features I love, especially the wallpaper and whitewashed floors!

Gray Walls

This has the perfect tone of gray for the walls, although I might pick a shade lighter

Open Shelving Kitchen

I love the open shelving in this kitchen.

What is fun about this is that each season you can bring in whatever color is “in” or simply whatever color you love. Last spring, this rave green was everywhere. Set up a pillow on your barstool and a jar of limes, and you are good to go!



Shameless plug for the Sounders


This spring, I think we will see a lot of what I call persimmon (an orange-pink). With a neutral gray and white kitchen, you can bring in some flowers, or even buy new dish towels in this color.

Persimmon, the fruit

Persimmon, the color


 All that said, I don’t have the luxury of painting my kitchen right now. Too much work for a house we are tyring to sell. However, I did take my first step toward this new, lovely kitchen when I dragged my hubby to Macy’s on Friday. I had an $85 gift card from Christmas and knew that they were having a huge kitchen sale. We came across these amazing Martha Stewart dishes called Kensington. They are a little bit off-white, and coordinate with all of her other ceramic kitchen items. I love their simplicity and the color. But the best part was the price. A place setting of 4 was originally $38, down to $34, buy one get one free! So we bought six sets (34 x 3 = 102). Then, because I was wearing red, they gave my 20% off my entire purchase! (102 x .8 = $81) So including tax, I walked away with six sets (dinner plates, salad plates, mugs, and bowls) for about $95. Minus my gift card of course…Your husband can’t be sad when you spend $10 on new plates!

Kensington plates

Kensington plates

 I am thrilled with them, and I am excited to buy a few finishing touches, such as these:

Serving dishes

Serving dishes

Creamer and sugar bowl

Here is the preliminary design palette for my new kitchen. It is small, but will be fun to add to!

I can’t wait!