Radical Part 2

by est33

September 12, 2010

It is the middle of September, so I am about three weeks into my “no buying anything for myself” time. It is getting harder, and I am still trying to decide which things count. For example, the other day I had Sidney by herself for an hour and we wanted to do something fun, but of course it was raining (September in Seattle!) So I took her to the McDonald’s play area. I’m not sure if this is normal, but I just cannot use a place’s amenities without buying something. I don’t know if I was raised that way or if it’s my oversensitive awareness of fairness or if it is common courtesy that everyone feels, but if I use someone’s toilet, I’m going to get a coffee there. Anyways, I needed to buy something at McDonalds. I did feel very firmly that buying Starbucks definitely counted as something for myself, and thus, something that I was not to do until after Christmas. (Which, incidently, has made the two pumpkin spice lattes that Phil has bought me taste SOOO delicious!!). But I did buy a regular black coffee at McDonald’s. My reasoning was that 1) I needed to do right by McDonalds, 2) this was something that I would have had at home anways i.e. not a special treat, and 3) it was $1. So I feel fine with that. But there are still things I’m not sure about. I have a coupon for makeup remover from Target and I REALLY need more makeup remover. But I think I’m going to wait on that. After all, if this is about seeing if God will provide, I have to give him the chance to do it. And if I go all the way until Christmas without having makeup remover, I guess I will just have to start washing my face. 🙂

I still am staying away from places in stores that have things for me…clothes and jewelry and shoes and HOME DECOR…sigh. But I have dallied a bit online, kind of making a wish list for Christmas. Fasting from buying things has cleared my palate, and I am feeling really picky about what I want. I like simplicity, I like having a fairly empty closet, and I want to be particular with the “stuff” with which I fill my life, and closet.

Another thing I have had to watch was the stuff I end up buying for Jacob. Because really, does he need another set of pajamas? Or am I trying to cheat by buying him things too? So I have only bought him things when Phil is with me to, so that he can nay or yay the purchase.

Overall I’m still feeling good. I am a little bit anxious for when I do run out of shampoo and conditioner. Will God put some on my doorstep? Will Sierra hate the new stuff she bought and give it to me? WILL I HAVE A CEASELESS SUPPLY? That would of epic, biblical proportion. I hope that happens.