So-far perfect

by est33

Let me start this by simply saying thank you to the veterans out there. Your sacrifice will never be repaid fully, but we are so grateful to you. Thank you.

Every year, my husband and I strive to get into the holiday season at just the right time – not too early or else we will be tired of it by Christmas, but not too late or we feel like we miss half of the season. This year, we started out well. I am feeling fully submerged in Thanksgiving thanksgivings, and I am eagerly anticipating Christmas. Here are some of the things that we have done that have contributed to this so-far perfect holiday season, without having to decorate the house yet:

~Family time, family time, family time. Really, isn’t the best part about holidays the time we get to spend celebrating with our family? We get to celebrate Jesus, each other, life, FOOD, giving…It is a joyful time. So this year, my husband and I have simply taken our son to the mall to walk around and look at the decorations. We treat ourselves to a pumpkin spice, or better yet – an eggnog, latte and get him a little hot chocolate. He is learning all kinds of words and likes seeing the “trees” and “stars.” We are in no rush, and we are not there to buy anything. (Both of those things are saved for Black Friday!) We walk, talk, and watch him charm people with his outgoing personality and his excitement of life.

~Activities early on. Too often, I wait until “closer to Christmas” to do any Christmas activities because I don’t want to do them too soon. And then, as Christmas draws near, I run out of time and never get around to any of them! So even though it is only November 11th, our family has already made gingerbread houses. We bought a kit for $10 at Target which included five little houses. Phil and I each got one, alone with our sweet “daughter” (a teenager who is living with us right now) and our exchange student. Our son was asleep when we did this, so his is waiting until tomorrow. I know I won’t keep those houses on our counter until Christmas, but that’s ok. It was fun, and a great way to kick start Christmas spirit.

~Eggnog. Need I say more? It’s out, I buy it. Oh, I guess I do need to say more – eggnog creamer.

~Dress for success feeling Christmasy. When running around, it is easy for me to jump in my warm car and then run into a warm store without a jacket or even a sweater sometimes. But I find if I take the extra five minutes in the morning to put on a beautiful jacket and a scarf, or a hat, I walk outside enjoying the weather instead of avoiding it.

~Daydream. I know, there is barely time to do laundry, let alone daydream. But I try to give myself five minutes to just sit and imagine Christmas morning. Imagine the cousins sitting around about to open their stockings. Imagine my son’s eyes pop out of his head when he rips open paper and sees brand new TRUCKS to play with, and books about trucks, and videos about trucks… Imagine having grandparents around that want to help feed your kids so you can actually eat breakfast. It will be a good morning.

I haven’t put in Christmas music yet or done any Christmas shopping, nor have I decorated my house. Those are all things that I wait until after Thanksgiving to do. But I love November, and I don’t want it to go to waste. And this season does bring me joy – I just have to know when to stop and see it (or build it, or drink it, or wear it, or dream it)

Happy Holidays, on November 11th.